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Hi mate. This is Morten from the SOIA board. Welcome to the forum. How is Japan treating you? Must feel strange to be there now that the A-league has kicked off again. I just noticed that Terry Butcher is your new manager! How do you supporters feel about that? He is a cool guy, but that doesn't necessarily means he is a good manager, as Graeme Souness has proved time and time again.

I don’t remember if I told you about our last game on Wednesday. After losing to games in a row, we beat Manglerud/Star 5-1 at home. We weren’t really as good as the result might suggest though, but it felt good to get back on track.

On Sunday we play Bryne, which is 3 points behind us at the table, at home. Obviously a very important game. It will also be a strange game because we might face our own top goalscorer, Håvard Sakariassen, who we were forced to sell midway through the season because of financial troubles.
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Re: Hi from...Japan!

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Tuck skrev:basically a cross comes in and Johnsen monsters everyone out of the way and heads/taps in.
Nothing changes but the name I see :wink:
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Terry still seems like a no bullshit kinda guy, I'll give him that


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Form is temporary, class is permanent.


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