Welcome to Bodø Celtic fans

Rent supporterrelaterte saker!

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Welcome to Bodø Celtic fans

Legg inn av J I P » man feb 21, 2022 1:36 pm

Thank you for giving us such a warm welcome in Glasgow. Hopefully we are able to return your gesture when you visit Bodø this week.

When you arrive at our windy airport it is possible to walk into the city centre in around 15-20 minutes time. So we hope that you have with you warm clouds as the famous wind in Bodø is very cold.

Maybe have you taken the opportunity to shop tax-free at Oslo airport before arriving as the price level on alchohol is extremely high both in the Vinmonopolet and in shops and bars.

Aspmyra is in walking distance from the city centre. Expect 10-15 minutes of walk there. Please be early at the stadium because you must expect that the quards will check you properly for forbidden objects as alcholol and pyro effects.And this normally takes very long time when it is European matches.

It is no roof over the away section and it could be very cold there if our famous wind is present.

Pre/after match
Pre/after match you could find supporters in places as Norlænningen. Here you could sing a long.

Piccadilly where the hard core Glimt supporters are. A small traditional UK inspired pub.

Gulating pub where away-fans in some previous european matches has been allocated

Hundholmen - the largest complex in Bodø?

Sportsbaren is the place to go if you want to see some sports if you arrives the day before

You will also find some restaurants close to the small boat port.

What to see

https://visitbodo.com/home is the official tourist information page.

You should visit one of our roof bars in the Rica Havet hotel or in the Raddision hotel to take a look at our sorrundings.

The Stormen library in the port is also worth a visit.

A boat trip to Saltstraumen in a rib is very popular.
If you have a rental car, you could drive to Saltstraumen in 30 minutes.

It is also populary to drive to Rønvikfjellet to watch the view and the artic light. Unfortunately it looks that it will be to cloudy arond the match days.

We have to major shopping centers: Glasshuset in the city centre and City Nord.

Bodø Aviation muesum is closed to City Nord and our indoor football stadium Nordlandshallen.
You also have Nordlandsmuseumet.

Bus tickets
You could use your card to purchase ticket on the buses.
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Re: Welcome to Bodø Celtic fans

Legg inn av Novi » man feb 21, 2022 3:43 pm

It is POSSIBLE to walk from the airport to city center, but I'd recommend a taxi if its windy (which it always is out that way). Short ride, so not very expensive. And can add that Bodø does not offer any ride share apps, so official taxis are the only option (unless that has changed last couple years).
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Re: Welcome to Bodø Celtic fans

Legg inn av Kesseboy » ons feb 23, 2022 2:36 pm

It's icy as s**te as well.
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