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Lagt inn: man jan 22, 2007 3:29 am
av Kesseboy
Personally I'm not quite sure how we're looking for this season. It could go either way from the looks of it now. The new signings seem solid thus far, and sunday's game was promising offensively (10-2) but not quite as promising defensively. I'm afraid of another troubled season and ending up number nine or something like that, but I'm hoping for promotion of course.

I think the club might make it even if it doesn't go up this year, or even next year, but it might not survive the same way as now. Some changes might be enforced, and to tell the truth I'd rather not think of it. :lol:

We're still eagerly awaiting the new kits, we haven't seen them yet. On sunday the team played in the old kits, and they probably will so for another two weeks as far as I understood. So we're also not sure what they'll cost or what they look like and so on. Of course we're hoping they'll be cheaper than the old ones (cost NOK 650 or so), but I won't believe that until I see the price tag with my own eyes.

Lagt inn: tor jan 25, 2007 12:52 am
av Kesseboy
This is the squad at the moment: We expect that to be the squad for the rest of the season, pretty much.

It's looking pretty good at the moment in terms of filling positions. Our two most major concerns from last year have been settled; a new goalkeeper and a right full back have been brought in. That's Estonian Pavel Londak and Swedish Daniel "Blomman" Blomgren respectively. Also, Brazilian forward Thiago Martins has been signed, centre back Johan Lædre Bjørdal was signed last summer but joined for this season, and Andreas Aakre and Anders Karlsen have been promothed from the youth team to the first team.

Defender Håvard Halvorsen decided to retire, as did goalkeeper Ole Arvid Langnes. Whether Tor Egil Horn will be fit to play during the season or not, we don't yet know. Also, there is some uncertainty regarding Tani Stafsula. He was previously said to have been released from the club, but is training with the club and played in the training match on Sunday.

On Sunday, Glimt beat local side Innstrandens IL by 10-2. Goals scored by Brenes (5), Blomgren, Olsen, Berg, Iversen and Konradsen (junior) for Glimt. Trondsen twice for IIL. Now on Friday, Glimt go to Trondheim to play premier champions Rosenborg at Abrahallen.

Lagt inn: tor jan 25, 2007 1:32 am
av Larsen
Well, i tried to write an answer to michzm but i was taking way to long and Kesseboy beat me to it. It´s been way too long since i´ve written in english and i remember almost nothing :shock:

Just wanted to add that Aakre (17) and Karlsen(16) are really exciting prospects, Karlsen actually made his debut for the team last year. With a bit of luck they will have a bright future at the club.
Both players played in the last training match and played well.

At the moment things are looking pretty good, i feel optimistic about the new season and that´s not my normal mindset. Come to think of it, both me and Kesseboy are known to be rather pessimistic.
When me and him are optimistic at the same time it´s really about time to worry, that´s when bad things happen to good people :shock:

Lagt inn: tor jan 25, 2007 8:38 am
av Kesseboy
:lol: You're right! Now I'm worried... :mrgreen:

Lagt inn: fre apr 06, 2007 3:12 am
av Kesseboy
Tuck skrev:Not that it's important, but why did Pavel Londak change his name, does anyone know?
Did he change his name? I wasn't aware of any such thing. Would you tell us what you know, please?

EDIT: I see now, on the English wikipedia article, that his original name was Pavel Kiseljov. Why he changed it I don't know, but it could possibly have something to do with Russian ancestry being unpopular in the Baltic countries?

EDIT 2: Might be something here: ... 119590.php, but my eesti isn't all that good.

Lagt inn: man apr 16, 2007 1:18 am
av MhepA
Bodø/Glimt did win their first match at Aspmyra Stadion this season. The score was amazing 8-1 over Mandalskameratene.
Can this be a sign maybe?

Lagt inn: man jul 23, 2007 8:29 am
av Ville Lehtinen
They didn't, Thiago Martins signed a new contract with Glimt last week!

Lagt inn: man jul 23, 2007 6:01 pm
av Ville Lehtinen
michzm skrev:Oh I see there is another person like me out there who just looks for keywords, hope and pray that the assumption your making are right :mrgreen:
Much like Morten Kræmer, the TIL director! :mrgreen:

Lagt inn: man jul 23, 2007 9:36 pm
av Paradigma
Ville Lehtinen skrev:
michzm skrev:Oh I see there is another person like me out there who just looks for keywords, hope and pray that the assumption your making are right :mrgreen:
Much like Morten Kræmer, the TIL director! :mrgreen: